Today I want to share with you the second half my talk on Vitamin K2. I go into detail it’s amazing benefits, what foods have Vitamin K2, and how Vitamin D is linked to vitamin K2 as well. I hope you enjoy!

Remember that my videos are not a substitute for individualized medical care by a qualified physician. Always consult your physicians before making any diet, nutrition, medication, or lifestyle changes.

Link to Part 1 of this talk:


00 Intro
37 K2 and Morality
1:31 Vitamin K2 Benefits
5:56 My Recommendation to patients
8:04 Vitamin K2 and Insulin sensitivity
9:26 Vitamin K2 and Weston Price
10:36 Vitamin K2 and Vasodilation
11:31 Vitamin K2 and cancer
12:36 Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D
14:21 Vitamin K2 and Fetal Development
15:48 Vitamin K2 and Dental Health


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