Welcome to Talking with Docs! In this episode, our special guest Dr. Heffernan, a renowned cardiologist, sheds light on low blood pressure, or hypotension. Dr. Heffernan explains what is considered low blood pressure, its causes, symptoms, and potential health risks. Tune in to discover how low blood pressure is diagnosed and treated, and learn how to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Hypotension, commonly known as low blood pressure, is a condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is lower than normal. Specifically, hypotension is defined as a systolic pressure (the higher number) of less than 90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) or a diastolic pressure (the lower number) of less than 60 mm Hg. Hypotension can cause symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, and fainting, and can be caused by a variety of factors including dehydration, blood loss, certain medications, and underlying health conditions.

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