Do you know that What Happens In Brain Stroke?
Our brain cells need much energy to perform their function properly. our brain cells can gain energy through our blood. our blood reaches our brain through arteries
and provide oxygen and nutrients to our brain cells. if blood supply to our brain cells is stopped due to any reason and blood is not supplied to the brain cells than our brain cells get damaged. in some cases brain cells become dead. this condition is called brain stroke.there are two main types of brain stroke.
ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke.
firstly, lets discuss ischemic stroke.
ischemic stroke :
This is the type of brain stroke in which brain artery is blocked due to plaque or blood clot.
and blood supply is stopped to that part of the brain, and brain cells start to dye due to lack of oxygen and nutrients.
There are two types of ischemic stroke.
thrombotic stroke :
thrombotic stroke occurs due to formation of blood clot in our brain artery. sometime fat cells accumulate in brain arteries which causes plaque buildup. with the passage of time this plaque become unstable and rupture. this cause blood clot in artery. this is called thrombotic stroke. plaque buildup in artery is called atherosclerosis. So, thrombotic stroke is also called atherosclerotic stroke.
Embolic stroke :
sometime in any part of the body, blood clot is formed. like in our heart or in any large artery of our body. this blood cot travels through the blood stream and reaches to our brain artery. (Cerebral Artery). this blood clot causes blockage in our brain. due to which our brain cells start to dye. this condition is called embolic stroke. and this type of blood clot is called embolus.
lets discuss the second type of stroke, hemorrhagic stroke.
Hemorrhagic stroke is a condition in which blood vessel inside our brain bursts.
due to which bleeding occurs in our brain. blood vessels rupture due to many reasons. such as due to high blood pressure, head injury or brain tumor. bleeding occurs in brain tissues or protecting covering of our brain. if bleeding happens in brain tissues than brain cells start to dye due to lack of oxygen. this condition is called intracerebral hemorrhage. if bleeding occurs in brain occur, than brain covering starts swelling due to blood in it. due to which pressure accumulate on brain cells due to which brain cells die. this condition is called subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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