Guide My Health – New Episode Presents What are Common Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack in Hindi by Abhishek Shukla | Understanding the Heart Attack Causes and Symptoms | What are Heart attack: Symptoms and Prevention ? | Heart Attack के कुछ महत्वपूर्ण लक्षण | खुद पहचाने Acid Reflux या Heart Attack ? | CHEST PAIN AND GERD ASSESSING YOUR SYMPTOM ? | Cervical vs Heart Pain – How to distinguish ? | Cardiac pain vs Cervical spondylitis

00 Heart attack symptoms in hindi
49 90% doesn’t know there symptoms
1:30 Symptoms of heart attack
Pain in centre of chest
Pain in left hand and fingers
2:34 Jaw pain in pre-heart attack
3:00 Disprin and heart attack
3:51 Gas v/s heart attack Symptoms
6:00 Cervical pain v/s heart attack pain

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