Discover the best natural remedy for bloating and the next steps to take to never have bloating again.

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35 Understanding bloating and bile
3:50 The best remedy for bloating
4:25 Bile deficiency
4:38 Bile deficiency symptoms
8:08 Bile deficiency causes
11:13 What to do for bile deficiency and bloating
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Let’s talk about bloating and what you can do to never experience bloating again.

Certain foods cause bloating, like beans, fruit, sugar, and fiber—especially bran. But, what can you do if you’ve eliminated these types of foods and you still bloat? To get rid of bloating, you need to understand bile.

Important functions of bile:
1. It helps you absorb fat-soluble nutrients
2. It helps eliminate excess cholesterol
3. It has antimicrobial properties

You shouldn’t have many microbes in your small intestine, especially the microbes that make hydrogen and methane. High levels of these gasses lead to bloating. But, bile can help manage these microbes.

If you have bile deficiency, you could end up with undigested fat that accumulates in the small intestine. This can cause bloating because of excess fermentation.

Bile also helps lubricate the colon. This is why having a deficiency of bile can lead to constipation and why too much bile can cause diarrhea.

The best natural remedy for bloating is bile salts. Bile is essential for digestion and helps prevent bloating. If you have low bile, various health issues can occur, in addition to bloating.

Symptoms of bile deficiency:
• Hypothyroidism
• Greasy stool
• Floating stool
• Not feeling satisfied after eating
• Bloating
• Right-sided discomfort
• High cholesterol
• Gallstones
• Deficiencies in fat-soluble vitamins
• Omega-3 deficiency

Causes of bile deficiency:
• Having the gallbladder removed
• Low-fat diets
• Antibiotics
• Diarrhea
• Colon cleanses
• High estrogen
• High insulin
• High cortisol
• High omega-6 fatty acids
• Fatty liver

What to do for bile deficiency and bloating:
1. Consume enough fat in your diet
2. Take probiotics or consume foods high in probiotics
3. Do intermittent fasting
4. Get on a low-carb diet
5. Take bile salts

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