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Controlling Asthma with Daily, High-Dose Vitamin D

Far Infrared (FIR) Therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD

00 Introduction: Understanding the lungs
15 Lung infection, asthma, and COPD
1:00 The lungs and vitamin D
1:35 Polymorphism explained
2:58 Infrared light therapy
3:22 UV light
3:45 The best remedy for the lungs
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Today I want to cover the best remedy for the lower respiratory system. Whether you have a lung infection, asthma, or COPD—this remedy could be very beneficial.

A lung infection, asthma, and COPD have a few things in common. Each of these conditions involves inflammation, vasoconstriction, and immune issues. The problem with the typical treatment for lung conditions is that, over time, your body can become resistant to it.

Vitamin D is a potent remedy for many things, including inflammation in the lungs. But, there are mixed studies on the effectiveness of vitamin D for asthma and lung infections.

A few general benefits of vitamin D:
• It’s antimicrobial
• It helps regulate the immune system
• It’s anti-inflammatory
• It supports the smooth muscle of your lungs to help you breathe better

There is a condition called polymorphism, where your vitamin D receptors don’t receive vitamin D as they should. If you’re not seeing the benefits you think you should expect from vitamin D, it may be because of this condition.

In this situation, increasing the amount of vitamin D you take may be beneficial. Infrared light therapy also has some interesting benefits for the lungs.

Potential benefits of infrared light therapy:
• It may help inhibit bronchoconstriction and help you breathe better
• It’s a potent anti-inflammatory
• It may help decrease fibrosis in COPD
• It may help reduce pollution in the air

Then, we have UV light. UV light can help kill germs and decrease pathogens in the air that could otherwise overload the immune system.

The best remedy to support and protect lung health is the sun. The sun gives you UV light, UVB light (which helps increase vitamin D), and infrared light.

The sun has a direct effect on your lungs, inflammation, and your immune system. It also helps stimulate melatonin, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and may help decrease coughing.

You can get all of these incredible benefits just by going outside and getting regular exposure to the sun but make sure you don’t let yourself get burned.

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