Learn about the root cause of chronic phlegm and the best ways to address it.
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00 Introduction: Chronic phlegm
1:15 What causes chronic phlegm?
3:26 A deeper look at treatments
5:07 The root cause of chronic phlegm
6:00 Why you need hydrochloric acid
10:05 How to increase stomach acid
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Let’s look at what really causes chronic phlegm and what you can do about it.

Chronic mucus production in your throat can worsen at night, and you may notice other symptoms such as:
• Postnasal drip
• Chronic cough
• Hoarseness
• A sensation of a lump in your throat
• A sore throat without an infection

An allergy or virus could cause chronic mucus production. However, there is a more likely cause that’s related to two other symptoms, GERD and LPR. Both of these conditions are typically treated with antacids or other medications that suppress stomach acid.

If you have chronic mucus in your throat, you want to ask yourself if you have any symptoms related to GERD or LPR. But, the big problem is that some of the treatments for these conditions can come with many side effects—they may even aggravate the condition. The optimum solution should not give you a bigger problem than you started with.

It’s my view that low hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) is the most likely cause of GERD or LPR, which can lead to chronic phlegm. Hydrochloric acid is a very important fluid for many different bodily functions.

Instead of suppressing the symptom (chronic phlegm), we need to look at what we can do for the root cause (low hydrochloric acid).

How to help increase hydrochloric acid:
• Take betaine hydrochloride
• Stop consuming grains and grain-fed animal products
• Do intermittent fasting
• Avoid a typical vegan diet
• Avoid omega-6 fatty acids
• Consume more omega-3 fatty acids


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the root cause of chronic phlegm.