2 Supplements for HEART ATTACK💔💔and STROKE prevention.

Based on Meta Analysis Studies
Preventative benefits from folic acid and B-vitamins for stroke has been graded with moderate quality.
1. B-complex—reduced stroke risk by 10%
2. Folic Acid—reduced CVD risk by 17%
3. Folic Acid—reduced stroke risk by 21%

Based on Meta Analysis Study of 40 studies with 134,267 participants.
CVD remains the leading cause of death worldwide.
EPA/DHA is an effective lifestyle strategy for CVD prevention, and the protective effect probably increases with dosage.

Fish Oil-decreases inflammation, reduces platelet aggregation, decreases blood pressure, decreases oxidative stress, protects endothelium, decreases triglycerides.


Vitamin B6-

B12 and autoimmunity-


B1 Thiamin-

Fish Oil-

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