I became interested in Dr Sebi and the more I researched the more interested I became in Dr Sebi and Usha village. I began collecting herbs or plant parts such as leaves, roots, berries etc. For now I mostly just make tea with herbs but I study a bit first because some of them are said to be low dose. Herbs also can be toxic. Herbal extracts tend to be quite potent. I never consume herbs without first researching their uses and effects, healing qualities or possible toxicity levels. I sometimes use the herbs in cooking recipes, but mostly just an occasional batch of tea. I Google Dr Sebi Heart Failure and came across a Dr Sebi video on YouTube in which he spoke of an herbal extract or tincture called lily of the valley. I checked my local health food stores for this item but they said they do not carry it because in their opinion, it is considered very low dose with potential toxic qualities. My online research indicated the same things but I decided to try it while being very cautious. I also.read the label and instructions when my lily of the valley extract arrived. An acquaintance and I recently had a conversation about healing herbs and Dr Sebi, he mentioned ashwagandha so I decided to look into that as well.
Do not try any of this at home.

lily of the valley extract. https://amzn.to/3Mpnrzh

Ashwagandha powder. https://amzn.to/3pGpRjl

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