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There are a lot of interesting benefits of potassium that go beyond supporting your heart—check this out!


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55 Potassium deficiency causes
5:14 Unexpected potassium benefits
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Today I want to cover some interesting and unexpected benefits of potassium.

Many people already know that potassium supports a healthy heart and healthy blood sugar levels and helps balance bodily fluids. But, there is so much more to potassium.

You need a lot of potassium. The body requires 4700 mg of potassium every day. You don’t require even a fraction of that for other nutrients.

Potassium supports two major areas: the muscles and the nerves—and it’s essential for energy production.

Many foods people say are high in potassium, like fruit, whole grains, beans, and potatoes, are not actually good sources of potassium. The phytic acid in whole grains can even block potassium.

The best sources of potassium are leafy greens—especially Swiss chard and beet tops. Avocados are also an excellent source of potassium. Adding fish and beef to your diet with vegetables is another great way to get the potassium you need.

Causes of a potassium deficiency:
• A lack of vegetables in the diet
• Experiencing stress
• Consuming too much sugar
• Consuming too much caffeine
• Consuming too much alcohol
• Taking diuretics
• Consuming too much salt
• Experiencing an injury
• Going through a surgery

Unexpected benefits of potassium:
1. Cognitive benefits
2. Cerebellum support
3. Mood support
4. Stronger muscles
5. Protection against leg cramps
6. Countering the effects of high sodium (salt)
7. Supporting regular bowel movements

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the unexpected benefits of potassium. I’ll see you in the next video.