What benefits could you experience if you gave up sugar for just two weeks? Find out!

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00 Introduction: What would happen if you gave up sugar?
10 #1 Your face and midsection will change
52 #2 Improves eyes, brain, arteries, and kidneys
4:19 #3 Decreases urination at night
5:00 #4 More energy
6:35 #5 Cravings between meals go away
8:57 #6 Less stiffness, pain, and inflammation
9:57 #7 You’ll lose weight
11:32 #8 Better skin
11:50 #9 Improves insulin resistance

Let’s talk about what would happen if you gave up sugar for just two weeks.

1. Changes in your face and midsection
Your face would become slimmer, and you would lose weight in your midsection because your liver is releasing fat.

2. Improvements in your eyes, brain, arteries, and kidneys
You’ll experience a lot of benefits and potential improvements in these four areas of the body when you cut out sugar.

3. Decreased urination at night
You’ll get up less at night to urinate because water follows sugar. Consuming sugar triggers urination, especially at night.

4. More energy
Your body is forced to run on fat fuel instead of sugar fuel. Your body has more calories from stored fat to use as fuel, giving you more energy.

5. Cravings between meals go away
Your cravings and appetite will go away between meals because even though you’re not eating, your body is satisfied by your own fat.

6. Less stiffness, pain, and inflammation
These issues can start to improve when you stop consuming sugar, and you may notice less of a need for certain medications.

7. Weight loss
You’re going to lose water weight as well as actual fat. Many different health benefits also come with losing weight.

8. Better skin
You may notice improvements in your skin because of a drop in inflammation.

9. Improves insulin resistance
Insulin resistance is at the heart of many health conditions. But, when you give up sugar, you can start to improve insulin resistance.

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Thanks for watching! Try giving up sugar for two weeks and see how you feel. I’ll see you in the next video.