Is the worst food for your immune system in your pantry right now? Find out what it is.

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00 Introduction: What is the worst food for your immune system?
43 The most important nutrients to boost immunity
3:32 The #1 food that stops immunity
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7:28 The worst thing for your immune system that’s not food
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Vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc are the top nutrients that boost your immune system. But, there is one food that can cause a deficiency in all three of these nutrients and negatively affect your immune system.

Vitamin D is involved in every part of your immune system. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system and minimize the collateral damage from pathogens—especially viruses.

Vitamin C makes white blood cells more active and gives them the weaponry they need to defend against infections. It also increases the ability of phagocytes to eat pathogens.

Without zinc, the thymus gland, which trains your T cells, shrinks. Zinc is important for the lymph nodes in general. Without zinc, you won’t have the number of white blood cells you need.

These three nutrients help decrease the collateral damage from an infection. It’s these nutrients that will help you go through an infection with minimal symptoms.

The #1 food that stops your immune system from working is sugar. The body will always choose sugar over vitamin C and can leave you deficient in vitamin C.

When you consume sugar, your absorption of vitamin D goes way down. It also impairs the activation of vitamin D and stops the production of vitamin D.

Sugar can cause an excess amount of zinc to be excreted from the kidneys. It also impairs the absorption of zinc.

We’re not just talking about sugar, either. We’re also talking about foods that turn into sugar quickly, such as refined carbs.

The best sources of vitamin C:
• Sauerkraut
• Bell peppers
• Leafy greens

The best sources of vitamin D:
• The sun
• A vitamin D3 supplement

The best sources of zinc:
• Red meat
• Shellfish
• Seafood

The worst thing for your immune system that’s not food is stress. Cortisol from stress can paralyze your immune system. Overall, the two worst things for your immune system are sugar and stress.

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