In this video we’re going to look at the benefits of slippery elm for leaky gut & digestive health. Not only will we dive into what is slippery elm good for, but also the differences between slippery elm bark, slippery elm tea and slippery elm powder. This is the ultimate slippery elm review!

Out of the hundreds of medicinal plants used in North America, only a handful have a reputation as must-haves for digestive health and slippery elm might just be one of them.

In fact, if you consult “Dr. Google” for best herbal ingredients for leaky gut, many articles feature slippery elm bark. Some talk about slippery elm tea, while others talk about slippery elm supplements (e.g. slippery elm bark powder) or even slippery elm lozenges. There are just so many forms!

But whatever form you get it in…the big question is: should slippery elm be treated like gut health royalty? Or does the research show it’s as over hyped as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Well, in this video, I’m going to explain how slippery elm supposedly works for supporting gut health. I’ll also explain how this herb got its strange-sounding name and whether the research supports it for leaky gut and digestion.

00 Slippery Elm Benefits For Acid Reflux, Constipation, Digestion & Leaky Gut
1:17 What Is Slippery Elm? And Where Did It Get Its Name From? (hint: the slippery elm tree)
2:29 How Does Slippery Elm Work? (A quick look at what slippery elm is good for, including slippery elm bark vs tea vs powder / supplement form)
3:07 Slippery elm benefit #1: Fortifies The Intestinal Mucosal Barrier (leaky gut)
3:55 Slippery elm benefit #2: Soothes Irritated Mucous Membranes (leaky gut)
4:47 Slippery elm benefit #3: May Help With Acid Reflux (We explore slippery elm as a digestive aid for the stomach)
5:18 Slippery elm benefit #4: May Help Inflammation
5:42 Slippery elm benefit #5: May Help With IBS-D & IBS-C (Slippery elm for diarrhea & constipation)
6:57 What Do Health Experts Think Of Slippery Elm Uses
7:23 Our Verdict on Slippery Elm Bark Benefits


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