Do you have eye floaters? Are you curious if eating certain foods could improve, or even cure, your floaters? If you would like to learn more about this, Dr. Rupa Wong, board-certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, explains all about pineapples in this video! 🍍

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00:00 : Can pineapples cure eye floaters?

00:19 : Who is Dr. Rupa Wong?

00:56 : What are eye floaters?

01:42 : What color are eye floaters?

01:52 : Have there been any studies done to examine if pineapples improve eye floaters?

02:35 : Why do pineapples help with eye floaters?

02:56 : Does eating pineapple improve any medical conditions?

03:31 : How does pineapple help your body heal?

04:13 : What are the limitations of the pineapple study?

04:45 : Do bromelain (pineapple) supplements help with eye floaters? Have there been any studies on animals to examine if pineapple helps their eye floaters?

05:30 : What are some problems with eating pineapple?

06:03 : What are some problems with taking bromelain supplements?

06:32 : What is an ophthalmologist’s, eye doctor and surgeon, opinion on eating pineapple to improve health?

07:12 : Conclusion – Has pineapple improved your health?

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