As an avid anti-vegan fan, I, Jimothy Sosa, am trying the Alkaline Plant-Based and Dr. Sebi approved diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and select grains. THATS IT! 😭

In an attempt to make some lifestyle changes and improve by good health I decided to try this diet which is rumored to have IMMENSE health benefits and to be the best way to eat/live naturally.

This is not vegan as it restricts more products than vegetarians and vegans do. Also fundamentally, vegans tend to have a connotation linking them to animal rights, THIS is not THAT I am doing this purely for health not anti-agriculture.

Follow me on this 30 day journey and who know maybe it will last longer

IG: @wants_over_needs

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Dr Sebi Interview:


00 Intro
1:20 What is the Alkaline Diet
1:45 What is Inflammation and its Symptoms
2:45 Benefits of the Alkaline Diet
4:30 Inspirations and Measurement of Success