Research has demonstrated a wide range of adverse effects from marijuana use. It’s common knowledge that marijuana use causes dependency and addiction. It causes a wide variety of emotional, mental and psychiatric illnesses. It causes a wide range of social problems and social and family dysfunction. And it causes a host of physical problems including Lung Damage, Cancer, Pregnancy complications, and unfortunately, one of the most overlooked diseases – Heart Disease.
This video presents the research on how cannabis affects the heart, and presents several studies now showing the negative impacts that marijuana use has on the heart, including a higher probability of heart attack mortality, for both youth, adults, and the elderly. Marijuana use, now with greater frequency and quantity and with higher potency than ever before, no matter the delivery form, can stimulate the heart, promote vascular inflammation and oxidative stress, can elevate blood pressure, cause abnormal heart rhythms, cause an enlarged ventricular structure change, and like tobacco smoke can affect the inner lining of blood vessels. Heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, arrhythmias, heart failure, cardiac arrest – and cardiopulmonary arrest are all found correlated with marijuana use – especially long term or excessive use.
It is clear that virtually all medical experts knowledgeable in this area agree on one thing – marijuana use places a person – young or old – at a greater risk of heart attacks and heart disease, and thus, they caution against any use of marijuana.

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