Are you having difficulty using your hand after a stroke? If you do then you need to watch this video.

After you have a stroke, it is often difficult to use your arm and hand again. Your first goal is to regain muscle control. Once you regain your muscle control you need to strengthen that arm. Getting your hands stronger might take a little longer because the muscles there are smaller and thinner. But there are exercises and techniques that you can do to Strengthen your hand after a stroke.

First let’s try to mobilize the joints. Let’s start with turning your forearm with your hand facing up and then facing down. Do that 10 times.

Next let’s mobilize your wrist. Hold your stroke hand with your good hand from the base and move it up and down. Then you move your head side to side. Do this 10 times.

Now let’s move the joints in the middle of your hand. Hold your stroke and the middle part. Push down words with your thumb while the rest of your fingers pushes up. Next move your fingers towards the base while your thumb moves towards the knuckles. Push the thumb downwards and again your fingers upwards.

Then let’s mobilize your fingers. Let’s start with your thumb. Hold it at the Finger nail part and move it in circles. Do the same with the rest of the fingers.

Now let’s work on opening and closing of the hand.

To close the hand, let’s start facilitating that movement. I just rub the hand with your good hand 10 times and then try to close it. Do this several times until it makes it easier for you to close that hand. To strengthen the grip just open and close that hand 10 times with arms straight, with your arm rest up, and with your hand to the side. Do each position 10 times.

Opening the hand might be more difficult than closing your hand. Most of the time a stroke hand will curl up and will make a fist. You will notice that opening the hand is more difficult. So when you are able to open your hand, it is also very important to strengthen the muscles that opens that up. So let’s facilitate the opening of that head first. Just rub or swipe uo the entire hand 10 times and then open that hand. Do this for three routes. Now place your hand on the table with the palm facing down. Open your Health and spread your fingers 10 times. You will notice that your hand will get fatigued quickly. That is because the muscles there are small and slender.
Next is to practice opening that han from neutral position. Just put your elbow on the table and then try to open your hand 10 times. Then let’s put your hand back on the table then pick up your thumb off the table then your index finger, the middle finger, ring finger then your little finger. This will not only improve the strength of your hand but also improve your coordination.

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This video should not replace the necessity of visiting your doctor or getting your occupational therapy session done. Please consult your primary care physician before doing any of this. The video is for educational purposes only.

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