How to Recover from Brain Stroke? | Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Brain Stroke | SRIAAS

In this video, you will meet Dr. Kashif, a Physiotherapist who takes you through the complete details of what a Brain Stroke or Paralysis is. This disability disease is one of the well-known reasons for deaths across the globe, and some awareness about it would go a long way.

First, you should know that, like we need food to stay alive, our brain needs food to function as well – oxygen and nutrients. Now, if, for some reason, there is a blockage, clot, or damage in the nerves or blood vessels, the blood supply to the brain gets restricted. And that further damages small areas of the brain, leading to Brain Stroke or Paralysis.

This condition has been categorized into two different sections – one is ischemic, and the other is hemorrhagic. Hear Dr. Kashif explain them in-depth and know what happens in each condition. It will then be followed by the symptoms of this disability disease and get ready for self-diagnosis if required. And, of course, learn about treatments.

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