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Bags under the eyes are common site, not just in mature women over 40, over 50 or over 60 but even younger people notice how under eye bags can age you faster. Some of the puffy eyed remedies in this video include facial massages, eye massage to reduce fluid under eyes that causes your eyes to bulge, Cold compress for eyes at home an easy way to cure puffy eyes, and notice a youthful look with quick results. Avoid applying ice directly on your skin and try my beauty hacks to reduce facial, inflammation and puffiness and last, but not least a skin care product that not only reduces puffiness in under 10 minutes, but also conceals your dark circles is a great option instantly reduce eye puffiness. As a face yoga teacher, I can help you with one on one sessions or you can even buy my face yoga packages that are priced very reasonably to help you get rid of your eye, wrinkles, dark circles, improving texture of your skin, droopy eyes or aging mouth or double chin and neck wrinkles.
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