In this video Dr O’Donovan explains and shows clinical photos of 8 clinical signs linked with HYPOTHYROIDISM (under active thyroid gland).

This includes:
1. Eczema craquelé or Asteatotic eczema
2. Cold peripheries with pale and dry coarse skin.
3. Carotenoderma is the yellow-orange discolouration of the skin due
to carotenaemia a condition in which the blood level of β-carotene are high.
4. Sparse and brittle hair, which comes out in handfuls.
5. Loss of hair in the outer third of the eyebrows
6. Slow growing, ridged and brittle nails.
7. Myxoedema can occur in long standing cases of hypothyroidism resulting in puffy face, eyelids, hands and feet.
8. Slow wound healing.


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