Sinusitis is one of the most common ENT problems people face these days. Since sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull, they are lined by mucus and secret fluid when it gets infected. This secretion increases due to allergic reactions and infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Dr Shikha Bani explains at 1:41 that sinusitis symptoms can be relieved using home remedies. Even though medications are available, quick home remedies for sinusitis work well to fight the signs daily.

It is essential to work on these symptoms because sinuses are narrow cavities and can get blocked easily. Due to this blockage, patients will likely have disturbed sleep, cold-like symptoms, and discomfort in breathing. (1:16)

In severe cases, you can see an ENT specialist to get a suitable treatment for your sinus infection. Dr Shikha Bani is a renowned ENT specialist in Noida who is associated with Apollo Hospitals Sector 26, Noida.

She is also available on the Apollo 24|7 portal for online and offline consultations. You either book an appointment with her in person or consult with her in virtual mode.

Quick Fact Check

Q. What are some common symptoms of sinus infection?
A. Since sinusitis affects the nasal cavity, the symptoms are similar to a cold. Below are some common signs of a sinus infection: (1:16)
-Blockages in the nose that leads to difficulty in breathing
-Frequent headache subsides with heaviness in the head
-Pain above cheeks
-Swelling above and below the eyes
-Nasal discharge that could be watery or have a yellowish colour to it
-Tenderness or inflammation around cheeks

Q. What are the most common home remedies for sinusitis?
A. The most common home remedies for sinusitis include steam inhalation (1:41) and nasal douching. The former is a widely used technique which melts the fluid secretion in the sinus cavities and allows it to flow as a nasal discharge. As hot steam passes through the nasal cavity, it relaxes the mucus glands and reduces inflammation in the region. Many people also add Vicks or menthol solutions to ease the pain and relax.

Similarly, nasal douching is one of the best home remedies for sinusitis, and patients will likely recover entirely over time. However, it requires regular practice and dedication to master the technique.

Q. Who is Dr Shikha Bani?
A. Dr Shikha Bani is an ENT specialist in Noida with more than 11 years of experience in the field. She is fluent in English and Hindi, and you can consult with her at your convenience. She is available on Apollo 24|7 portal and Apollo Hospitals Sector-26, Noida, for consultation in both online and offline mode.

Q. What is the educational qualification of Dr Shikha Bani?
A. Dr Shikha Bani has completed her MBBS and MS in ENT surgery. Her vast experience in the field has played an essential role during the COVID crisis and delivered effective treatment to patients. In addition, she also works as a COVID consultant in Apollo Hospitals and gives appropriate therapy to patients.

Q. What is nasal douching?
A. Nasal douching is an ancient technique known as jal neeti or neti pot (2:50). It requires lukewarm water with a pinch of salt to prepare a mildly saline solution. Furthermore, this solution is used for rinsing nasal cavities to relieve them from sinusitis symptoms.
It is a technique in which the patient uses a pot to pour the saline solution into one of the nostrils, and the water is released from the other one. Even though this seems like a complex process, sheer practice and dedication will help ace the technique. (3:17)

Q. Why is nasal douching an effective process?
A. Nasal douching is one of the most effective home remedies for sinusitis because it works on the mucus glands internally. Apart from improving the blood circulation of the region, it also helps in clearing the mucus layer of dirt and deposition. Apart from relieving sinus infections, this technique is also helpful for other respiratory and nasal problems. This is because the significant deposits in the nasal cavity include allergens and passive microorganisms that cause future problems.

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